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It is a brave new world, and the way we work within our offices is no exception. Change is in escapable - all part of an exciting but bewildering lanscape. We don’t know the final shape our workplaces will take on. We only know that they will be quite different. And whatever form they take, we’ll be spending a good portion of our lives there.


We believe that what we do, and how we do it, should reflect who we are,and so we begin to understand the importance of ergonomics. All aspects of working is part of ergonomics, but concern for the health and well-being of everyday users is where ergonomics and Task 2 begin.

Recognized as an industry leader since 1994, Task 2’s mission revolves around one core philosophy. "Building innovative products through intelligent ergonomics." Our ergonomic products help people work more safely and comfortably at their workstations.

We are proud to offer an extended line of award-winning ergonomic products and accessories - our latest contributions to the growth and evolution of today’s workplace. Check out our products directory by clicking here .

Company Awards
Task 2 has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of quality products and has received numerous industry awards. Task 2 has been awarded the prestigous ADEX Award on multiple occasions for its commitment to design excellence. Task 2 has also been presented with the Best of NeoCon Award, and numerous business awards. Check out some of our awards by clicking here.



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United States - Headquarters
Task 2, Inc.
540 Bragato Road.
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA
Phone: 800-592-ERGO (3746)
International: +1-650-592-1542
Fax: 650-592-7755
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