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Company Awards Overview
Task 2 has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of quality products and has received numerous industry awards. Task 2 has been awarded the prestigous ADEX Award on multiple occasions for its commitment to design excellence. Task 2 has also been presented with the Best of NeoCon Award, and numerous business awards. Check out some of our awards below!

ADEX Awards
The ADEX Awards! Every January, when the calendar has turned to a new year, the attention of the interior design/architecture community and of furnishings fans around the world turns to the upcoming ADEX Awards. ADEX Fever hits, as manufacturers and specifiers alike eagerly anticipate the final judging announced annually in Design Journal. Design Journal is the international trade magazine for interior designers, architects and facility managers.

After a decade of recognizing excellence in product design of furnishings marketed to the design trade, the annual presentation of the ADEX Awards has become the industry’s most famous activity.

Design Journal as a way of recognizing superior product design introduced the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) in 1994.

Best of NeoCon Awards
The Best of NeoCon Awards! The history of NeoCon World’s Trade Fair is an important aspect of today’s design community. This nation wide event has evolved into a well known and respected trade show throughout the world. Designers are constantly being kept on their toes to provide the most innovative and creative product ideas in order to accommodate both the public’s design needs, as well as their desire for fresh, inspiring products. Displayed below is a timeline of highlighted events within the past 35 years that has helped to shape NeoCon into the valued and prestigious event that it is today.

When NeoCon, (The National Exposition of Contract Furnishings), debuted in 1969, 750 exhibitors filled the 222,000 square feet of space in The Merchandise Mart. In 2002, over 1,000 exhibiting manufacturers of commercial and residential furnishings flocked to The Merchandise Mart to claim a showroom within the 1 million square feet of available space. In recent years the show has expanded to Baltimore, LA and Canada due to it’s tremendus success and each year, over 40,000 people come to Chicago to attend NeoCon. The grand scale of this event is what makes it both memorable and successful.

NeoCon is now considered the largest trade show of its kind in North America. Complete with 1,200 showrooms and exhibits, NeoCon offers a unique combination of residential and commercial furnishings in one convenient location. Professional designers and architects can journey from product seminars and special events to furniture exhibits with ease. A demand for the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair will continue as various emerging commercial industries grow and transform.