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Written by Gary Bragato   
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 22:37

San Carlos, CA- - December 2, 2010- TASK 2 introduced the innovative Figure Series keyboard platforms in 1997. Since that time, the Figure Series has gone through design phases improving the unique features and adding product to the series. TASK 2 is proud of the awards we have received and will continue to design for the future.

Task 2 designed the patented Figure series alongside industrial design professionals, Bio feedback therapists and occupational therapists. This unique keyboard platform became the only one in the industry that provides forearm support. The ultra thick cushioned gel pads allow for the hands to rest in a neutral position without pressure on the wrists.

Task 2 has now utilized the Figure series design in the thin line Micro series that incorporates a modular four-position system. Optional accessories for the mouse, copy/writing surface, digitizing pad can be plugged into any of the four corners of a platform allowing the user to customize to their own specifications without any additional installation. The Micro Figure platform will accept a full range of keyboards from a standard, Microsoft, or Laptop. All Task 2 platforms mount on our effortless, adjustable low profile mechanisms with tilt range for a wrist/neutral keying platform.

-1997 Best of NeoCon Winner Gold for the Figure Series
-1997 Design journal ADEX Gold for our Figure 1 platform
-2000 Task 2, Design Journal ADEX Platinum for our MicroFigure 4-System
-2000 Design Journal Best of Show for our 4-system Rotary System.

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