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Figure Series Boards Instructions for Proper Use PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Bragato   
Thursday, 23 December 2010 20:36

The Figure Series Platforms are the result of extensive collaboration with ergonomists and occupational therapists. They have several features specifically designed to make keyboard work more comfortable and productive. To gain the full benefit of these features, TASK 2 recommends that the following be observed as guidelines for proper use.

1. The Figure Boards are shaped to allow the user in close to the keyboard. We recommend that you bring the platform in tight to your upper body.

2. The platform should be raised or lowered until your forearms are suspended at an approximate 90* angle to your upper arms.

3. In this position, the forearm pads should just brush, or lightly support the arms slightly in front of the elbow. The pads, acting as a guide, should allow your hand to drop slightly at the wristto make contact with your keyboard. If the mechanism on which your Figure Series Keyboard Platform allows for it, you may also use a small degree of negative tilt to reinforce this effect.

4. This position should place the mousing area support pad just under your right or left elbow. You should not have to reach outward to use your mouse.

6. The keyboard itself should be placed far enough back, and to the right, to maintain forearm pads below your forearms, not your wrists.

7. Many ergonomists and occupational therapists recommend that keyboard platform support pads be used for full support only during rest. During ordinary use, the pads are intended only as a guide, and for light support only. One of the most effective ways to minimize the possibility of repetitive stress injury is to develop the habit of keeping your arms, hands, and wrists naturally relaxed in the position described above.

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